Speed Kills 
This was one of my dream project,  this was a 4 and half feet Metal sculpture that was completed in approximately 6-8 weeks 

The sculpture is a face of a devil that has its tongue out and if u can look closely you will be able to see bikers riding fast into the mouth of the devil. When you ride fast and don't follow rules you are riding into the mouth of the devil or riding towards death. 
I am explaining my sculputre to mr.sabu cyril in the open house 2009
Design processes from sketch to skeleton. the design processes of this is completely different from what we do in the computer. in this we use chart paper to draw the shapes and then draw them in metal sheets then cut them and finally beat them to the desired shape and get them to be the skin on the skeleton 
here comes the fun part where you get to play with fire and metal at the same time. and this process brings the raw metal into a sculpture 
Its always fun to get to see your idea getting intoshape. 
Wanted to showcase the beuaty of the metal and welding lines and the rusted metal so just cleaned the sculpture with salt paper and finally gave a clear coat and here the sculpture with all its glory :D
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